Call or email to initiate an order.  We will need to know how many gallons of what product you would like a quotation for, when you would like the delivery, where the delivery will take place, and if there are any special requirements for the physical transfer.  

We do have minimum quantity requirements, and payment and credit terms need to be arranged prior to the actual confirmation of an order.  Certain forms also must be completed for tax and reporting purposes.  Several of these forms are available below.  We can discuss and will consider any fuel order requests, so please call.

Many steps ensure the quality of fuel delivered by barge.  These range from the segregation of the various products while in the barge to water checks, and flash or API testing.  These and other tests are done for each delivery, and the results are recorded.  A sample of every delivery is also taken and the samples stored in Nenanafor a year.  If the quality of the fuel from any delivery is in question we can have the sample tested.  We appreciate that quality fuel delivered on time is critical to everyone.

Exempt Forms

In accordance with federal and state regulations, Ruby Marine is required to have on file fuel exemption certificates from customers entitled to purchase taxable diesel fuel on a tax-exempt basis.  Please complete the enclosed state and federal forms as soon as possible.  They can be faxed to Ruby Marine at 907-832-1063, or emailed to rubymarine@alaska.net.   They can also be returned by mail to Ruby Marine at PO Box 269, Nenana, AK 99760.

Please see the chart to the right. Find your industry, and you will see the forms needed. All available forms are located below.

            It is very important that we receive these forms immediately.  You may be subject to both state and federal taxes on diesel fuel sales if we do not receive them.  Thank you very much for your cooperation on this important matter.